Resources for schools

The Learning Hub provides access to a wealth of resources to support teaching, including a well-stocked education reference library, and the opportunity to view the huge range of children's publications available at the National Centre for Language and Literacy (NCLL). 


NCLL displays a comprehensive range of reading schemes, resources for a wide range of curriculum areas and books to support specific needs. Its collection of over 18,000 trade and education publications published during the last 3 years includes

  • packages to support every aspect of literacy teaching
  • recent children’s fiction and information books
  • educational software
  • games
  • books for teachers.

NCLL resources are not for loan but for reference only. A major benefit for members of NCLL is the ability go and look at books and packages of teaching resources at NCLL and get professional advice from staff. This helps them to choose the right teaching materials for their school and be sure before they make an investment. Investing in materials is an important decision – not only financially but also because these decisions have a big impact on how literacy is taught.

All trade publications are in our searchable database and journals are available to browse. You can also order NCLL publications online.

NCLL has an open door policy for Reading University students.