About us

The new Learning Hub in the Institute of Education at the University of Reading offers students of literacy teaching a wealth of benefits. The Hub offers a vast Teaching Resource Base of materials to aid teaching and lesson planning, a Technical Support Unit providing a range of services and items for sale and loan, and an extensive reference library.


Now part of the newly formed Learning Hub, The National Centre for Language and Literacy (NCLL) focuses on resources around individualised advice for teachers. Our current extensive collection of in-print children’s books remains testimony to this aim, which drove the establishment of the Centre back in 1967.

NCLL membership offers many advantages for teachers, but a huge benefit to members is the ability go and look at books and sets of teaching resources at the Centre, and get professional advice from staff, before they decide to invest in teaching materials for their school. Investing in materials is a big step – not only financially but also because decisions have a big impact on how literacy is taught.

From 1 August 2014, members of the NCLL team previously involved in the delivery of international courses join forces with colleagues at the International Study and Language Centre (ISLI) on the Whiteknights campus, University of Reading.